The Discovery Center Ambassador Program is designed to cultivate communities, throughout Philadelphia, to adapt to environmental sustainability practices and enhance youth leadership and community engagement.

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Goals of the Program

Cultivating the community to adapt to environmental conservation and sustainability

Build character, inspire leadership and self-reliance, and encourage purposeful service

Advocate for and inform the public of The Discovery Center programs and activities

Connecting with educational institutions to participate in outdoor service learning

Empowering ambassadors to create a service project that enhances community outreach, engagement, and participation

Creating meaningful, impactful and long lasting experiences through a community network of ambassadors

Establishing partnerships with local organizations and businesses

Collection of data to inform future programming, engagement, outreach, and marketing


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What the Program Can Do For You

Professional Development

~Expand your personal network~

~Interview practice and preparedness~

~Become an environmental advocate~

~Workforce opportunities~

~Career preparation~


~Community service hours~

~CPR and First Aid Certification~

~Access to 23 environmental centers~

~Plant and bird ID certificate~

~Work study~


Personal Development

~Develop your public speaking skills~

~Gain experience in public relations~

~Be involved in community outreach~

~Develop organizational skills~